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Get the right Butt: The Perfect Deals for You Now

What are implants in the buttocks and why are they needed? Since old times, beautiful, voluminous hips and elastic buttocks were considered a sign of sexuality and beauty.However, this is not given to every person. Under the influence of natural age changes, suffered trauma, delivery, the external condition of the buttocks can deteriorate noticeably.

Unfortunately, in some cases, fitness classes are ineffective, so women begin to think about enlarging the buttocks with the help of surgical intervention. This operation is called gluteoplasty.This intervention is used not only by women, but also by men who want to make their body more attractive and sexual. And the photos of people with implants in the buttocks after surgery demonstrate amazing results. The butt implants in Miami are very important here.

There are several types of similar operations:

  • implantation of special implants;
  • truncation of excess adipose tissue;
  • change of form;
  • tightening with special threads.

Each type of operation has its advantages and disadvantages, as well as a number of individual characteristics. For more information about implants in the buttocks, photos “before” and “after”, the prices for the operation you can read below.

Features Of An Increase In The Buttocks With The Help Of Implants

Enlarged by implants are called endoprosthetics or gluteoplasty. The essence of the operation is that beforehand between the muscles in the area of ​​the sacrum a patient has a small depression (the so-called pocket).

  • This cavity serves as a place for placing an implant in it (silicone or filled with saline solution).
  • There are 3 types of implant placement:
  • under fascia over the gluteus maximus;
  • between muscle fibers;
  • Under the muscle.

The variant of setting will help to pick up the surgeon. In no case can it be implanted directly under the skin, otherwise the border of the transition will be noticeable, and the implant itself can shift and deform due to unreliable fixation.

There are two main types of artificial implants:

  • In addition, the implants in the buttocks can be smooth and porous, have different sizes and shapes. It is believed that the smooth material is more durable, hygienic and does not tend to deform with time.
  • Silicone implants are more durable, and their structure is similar to the natural structure of a person’s muscles.
  • Do not worry that the gluteal implants cannot withstand physical exertion or with time deform. The material for these products is extremely durable. He easily withstands the impact of natural physical activity, exercise, etc.

The structure of the implants is as follows:

  • Strong dense shell, hollow inside.
  • Filler (medical silicone or saline solution).
  • All gluteal implants have a lifetime warranty and unlimited use.

The size, shape, placement in the soft tissues of the buttocks is selected strictly on an individual basis.The process of selecting equipment, the future form of the buttocks and materials takes place on personal agreement with the plastic surgeon, but based on personal recommendations and the wishes of the client.