As a football fan, it is very hard to not know of Manchester United’s legendary former manager Sir Alex Ferguson. The Red Devils’ former boss is known to be one of the most successful managers in the game and those claims are because of how addicted he was to winning trophies during his time as manager of the club. Sir Alex may not have always had it right with his choice of transfers, but whenever he made a good signing, he would definitely reap the rewards instantly.

He signed a couple of great players firing his time as United manager and he would then go on to turn some of those players from ordinary footballers to champions. A lot of his former players have paid tribute to him severally as they have revealed a lot of things about him, including his man-management part which many claim was top-notch.

The Scot was indeed a true winner and instilled a winning culture at Old Trafford before his exit. But before he retired, he was known for not only almost getting his signings right, but also putting faith in young players as long as they were good enough to play for the first team. And according to one of his former players, Ji Sung Park, the former United boss was a true manager and could identify talent immediately he set his eyes on one.

Park said Sir Alex was the best man-manager there ever was because he was so good at it anytime. Park flourished under the management of the former manager even though he was not a regular starter, but he insisted that even as he was not playing enough games as he wanted, he was still happy to be playing for the manager then because of how he used to handle him.

According to Park, modern football has missed such managers and it was one of the reasons Sir Alex was very successful.