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Home Child Care Service

What Is A Home Child Care Service?

Child care services in-home is a setting where certain families pay to take their children (or child) to the home of anotherin order to get them to take care of their children on a regular and continuing basis. Fathers and mothers choose family owned child care institutions for a range of reasons.This day-care option is very different to a nanny service or a regular day care service because children are brought to the caregiver’s individual home for care. The childcare is derived directlyfrom thecaregivers’ home, often as she or he cares for their own (child) children at the same time. Home day cares are usually lesscostlyin comparison to other officialised forms of child care facilities. It offers a home based and cozy setting, rather than a center one. Child care programs that are family owned usually offer a group of children that are mixed in age. This group would include (but are not limited to) a collection of infants, toddlers and preschoolers, so as to create a family setting rather than an actual school institution.

What To Consider When Choosing A Daycare

When considering setting up a day care the family-based caregiver would usually consult real estate agents such as Brad Roemer in order to validate the accuracy of the requirements of the building so that proper government policies will be met. As a parent you must first determine what your preferred preference would be in terms of childcare services. As yourself if you would be interested in using a nanny service or an actual day care provider for your child. A nanny service would be convenient in the sense that they simply show up to your house when you are about to leave and take care of your child/children until you return whereas a day care service would involve you physically bringing your child to the facility itself. Everything would depend on your preference as well as your availability.

The Pros of In-Home Daycare

There are lots of benefits when it comes to home care facilities some of them are the following:


  • The attention to detail placed on your individual child
  • The fact that the child will get to socialize with other children instead of being a lone at home with a nanny
  • Stability and reliability as the facility will always remain open and there will always be someone available to work
  • It is considerably cheaper in comparison to a nanny service

The Cons of In-Home Daycare


  • Depending on the home care facility there could be a lack of training when it comes to operating a day care
  • Though it is good that your child interacts with other children, your child may unfortunately pick up sicknesses (colds, viruses, fevers) from the other children as well

Consulting real estate reps such as Roemer would ease the process greatly.